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Fiona Roche, ETF Trader Posted on November 19, 2023 by ticklesister

Fiona Roche, ETF Trader

Fiona Roche, 27 and a graduate from DCU, BSc in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics. She works as an ETF trader for a trading firm in Dublin called Susquehanna International Group, and have been there for 6 years.

In her spare time she does a bit of running, and she completed her first marathon in Dublin a few weeks ago.

Last year she did a few adventure races, and finished the year by climbing Kilimanjaro…

Because I am a Girl I ask… why is there still inequality prevalent in the workforce? Currently women across Europe and in the US earn salaries approximately 80% of men’s… that’s the equivalent of every woman we know working from the middle of October until the end of the year for free. For me, the worst part about a statistic like that is, if it’s like that here, in the developed world, imagine what it must be like for girls in the poorest parts of Africa, India, Asia.

Because I am a Girl I believe… it is ok to acknowledge the differences between men and women, but not to discriminate because of them. Men and women are different; in many ways, however none of which should be considered negative. For every difference that exists, the world becomes a better and more interesting place to live.

Because I am a Girl I hope… for a future that makes the world a better place for women to grow and learn and contribute. We have come a long way from the first rumblings of women’s lib but the world still has a long way to go. It is up to us to continue to fight for those who aren’t in a position to fight for themselves.

Because I am a Girl I wonder… is there anything I can do to make a real difference? Maybe that’s where Plan comes in.

Because I am a Girl I dream… of the day that every baby girl born on this planet is welcomed into the world because she is a person and never considered a burden.

Because I am a Girl I remember… that my mother had to do Botany for her leaving cert because girls didn’t get to study things like Maths and Science past Junior Cert. I remember to never take for granted how lucky I am, I have opportunities available to me that women across the world only dream about. I get the chance to realize my potential in every aspect of my life because women before me fought hard for a future that was just and fair.

Because I am a Girl I like… a challenge, be it a marathon or a mountain to climb, or just doing my job as a women in a man’s world. I love competing side by side with men and being judged as a person.

Because I am a Girl I dislike… the fact that sometimes women become their own worst enemies. I dislike how the media places unjustified emphasis on characteristics like size, shape, looks and fashion, bombarding us with images of photo-shopped perfection that essentially create an unattainable standard for normal society. Young girls are brainwashed into thinking these are the defining qualities in their female role models. Women have so many qualities that make them beautiful and all of them need to be celebrated above and beyond superficial features that are used to sell magazines.

Because I am a Girl I feel… privileged to be surrounded by so many amazing women who support me and teach me and make me a better person.

Because I am a Girl I… try to never become complacent, I strive to be better, to work harder, to learn and achieve more, and to experience new things. I don’t put limits on myself and try to think that nothing is impossible. I may never “have it all” or get to do it all, and I might never even know what “it all” is, but at least no one can say I wasn’t trying.

- Fiona Roche

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Tell us what it means
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  • Because I am a Girl...

    I have a much higher chance of making headline news - as a victim of rape, assault or murder. But because I am a girl I have the innate strength to carry on challenging the threats to my freedom.

  • Because I am a Girl...

    I rise to the challenge, and do the unexpected. I raise my voice so that I can always be heard. I push myself even when the little voices in my head are saying, sure you dont belong here, who do you think you are. I struggle on and dont alllow society to to label or box me because of the sex I am, the colour of my skin, my sexuality, my spiritual beliefs. I am, and I will.

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