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Loretta Dignam, Marketing Director Posted on April 11, 2023 by planirl

Loretta Dignam, Marketing Director


Loretta Dignam is the Marketing Director with Jacob Fruitfield. She is a marketing professional with over 25 years experience gained in the food & drink industry, working with a number of blue chip, multinational companies, in the UK, Sweden and Ireland. She previously held positions as Head of Consumer Communications at Diageo Ireland, Marketing Director at Mars / Masterfoods and Marketing Director at Kerry Foods.

Loretta has also lectured in the Michael Smurfit Business school in Marketing Communications to Msc & MBS Students. She has also been a board member of the Advertisers Association of Ireland.

Loretta graduated from UCD with a double first class honours degree in B.Comm and MBS.

Loretta hails from Dublin & is a city girl through & through. She is also a working mother of two children, a boy & a girl.

Because I am a Girl I ask …that all young girls worldwide grow up with the freedom, confidence & opportunities that my 9 year old daughter has

Because I am a Girl I believe …that women really are the stronger sex because they have emotional intelligence…in spades

Because I am a Girl I hope …to see a woman Taoiseach running the country someday soon

Because I am a Girl I wonder …what it is like to have no education, no independent income, no status, no freedom

Because I am a Girl I dream …that my daughter will grow up in an even more equal society than I have done

Because I am a Girl I remember…when women in Ireland weren’t allowed into pubs, except on a Saturday night & then only in the lounge!!

Because I am a Girl I like..when I go out to dinner with my girlfriends and see other groups of women out having dinner, a glass of wine & a catch up…something my mother’s generation never got to do

Because I am a Girl I dislike…the ill treatment of women that continues in the developed world as well as in the developing world

Because I am a Girl I feel…proud that my son and daughter have had equal opportunities in their upbringing

Because I am a Girl I… will never know what it is like to be a man.

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  • Because I am a Girl...

    I have a much higher chance of making headline news - as a victim of rape, assault or murder. But because I am a girl I have the innate strength to carry on challenging the threats to my freedom.

  • Because I am a Girl...

    I rise to the challenge, and do the unexpected. I raise my voice so that I can always be heard. I push myself even when the little voices in my head are saying, sure you dont belong here, who do you think you are. I struggle on and dont alllow society to to label or box me because of the sex I am, the colour of my skin, my sexuality, my spiritual beliefs. I am, and I will.

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