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Claire Byrne, Marketeer, Run With Tina Posted on February 11, 2024 by planirl

Claire Byrne, Marketeer, Run With Tina

From a young age Claire was interested in social change.  It started with wanting to be a barrister.  Unfortunately that didn’t last long as she was put off by the sheer volume of files in any one office and the waiting around.  Ever the patient one as a child.

Skip to the more patient adult years - Claire studied History and Politics in UCD, spending an Erasmus year in Tuscany.  This resulted in a love of Italian food, culture and of course the language and all inevitably made her a coffee addict and food fiend.  After finishing her degree Claire worked in the financial services sector before spending some time in Korea as an English teacher.

Shortly after returning to Dublin Claire began working with Plan Ireland in 2006, back when the organisation was only a baby.  Since then Claire has seen the organisation grow from a staff of 8 to its current headcount of 20 plus interns and volunteers.  During her time with Plan Ireland Claire has been a key point of contact for sponsors throughout the country, has developed Plan Ireland’s engagement with volunteers as well as the organisations child protection standards.  After working with Plan Ireland since 2006 Claire has decided to take up a new challenge, and career, with the women’s fitness company Run with Tina.

Claire is also a qualified holistic massage therapist and a sports massage therapist and rarely needs to go searching for guinea pigs to practice her massage techniques on!  She is passionate about child rights, animal welfare, health and wellbeing, fitness and complimentary therapies.  She enjoys running, yoga, watching old movies, going to gigs and festivals with friends, dancing and cooking.  She often wishes there were more hours in the day. You can follow Claire on the twitter: @ClaireByrnerd


Because I am a Girl I believe….in constantly questioning gender norms, gender stereotypes, gender based violence, discrimination and prejudice at every turn.  All too often these are accepted as normal.  I believe in questioning all of these things and finding a way to talk about women, men and equality in a positive, safe and empowering way.  If we don’t ask why then how will things change?

Because I am a Girl I hope… that girls can grow up in a world knowing they can be whoever, and whatever, they want to be.  Not what society dictates for them.  They can choose to wear whatever colour clothes they want, they can like action heroes just as much as princesses, that they can study carpentry or home economics at school and that they can be confident in their bodies.

Because I am a Girl I wonder…. why there aren’t more men advocating for gender equality?

Because I am a Girl I dream…. of a world where women feel more supported by their peers.  Women can be horribly cruel to each other and often we’re our own worst enemies.  I’d love to see a future where women don’t pick each other apart, criticise each other’s bodies or bash each other for choosing a lifestyle that is different to their own.  Women can be so much more supportive of each other and there is so much potential to have a stronger and more powerful voice championing women’s rights.

Because I am a Girl I remember…playing Dungeons and Dragons with my two best friends Ciaran and Stephen when I was about 4 years old.   We’d play in the garden or on the road for hours and hours on end.   We never got bored of each other’s company and we always thought of new games to play.  Then again I also remember crying when I had to eat mashed potatoes for dinner.

Because I am a Girl I like… action movies, craft beers, dirty jokes, boxing and running just as much as I like yoga, pilates, manicures, gin & tonic and nights out with my female friends.

Because I am a Girl I dislike… gender bashing.  Not all men are chauvinistic and not all women are aggressive feminists.

Because I am a Girl I feel…. lucky to have such an amazing role model in my mother, to have a supportive and loving family and to be surrounded by passionate, funny and strong friends.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate….my female qualities.  Everything that makes me a stereotypical woman is not something I roll my eyes at.  Being intuitive and compassionate, being emotional and inquisitive, being soft and womanly are not bad or weak qualities they are what make me a woman and I celebrate that every day.

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