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A Healthy Irish Lifestyle

Whether you want to lose weight, get fit or just feel better about yourself, a healthy lifestyle is essential. Studies show that it can lead to improved mental health, as well as benefiting your whole body. Ireland is a great country to embark on a healthy lifestyle quest.

Get Outside!

Ireland’s green and pleasant land offers many fantastic opportunities to get outdoors and do some gentle exercise.

  • Ease into it by exploring the many national and forest parks. There are hundreds of beautiful trails to walk.
  • Jogging and cycling can all be enjoyed on these same trails when you want to step things up.
  • Head for the hills and enjoy some hill walking or mountain climbing!
  • Don’t forget the water! Ireland’s seas are open to scuba diving or sea kayaking.

Drink Wisely

The Irish are well known for their fondness for the drink. Drinking beer and red wine in moderation is actually great for your health. Pubs, clubs and casinos don’t make moderation easy though, and often ply you with drinks offers or even free drinks to keep you at the slots longer. To keep social drinking responsible, think about limiting the amount of alcohol you have in the house and have friends over. Rather than binging on the endless free drinks at the casino, why not try trying your luck online? Don’t get too carried away though, too much time on the couch playing MummysGold certainly isn’t as good for you as enjoying the fresh air!

Eat Well

Traditional Irish food is packed full of nutrients and vitamins. A hearty Irish stew is a fantastic warming dish on a cold day. Healthy twists on classic Irish dishes are easily achieved and remove some of the stodge from your life. Try brown soda bread for example, or red potato Colcannon.