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Some Ways in Which Women Retire Differently

No matter who you are, retirement is something many people look forward to. Whether it’s looking forward to enjoying everything you have built up after years of hard work, moving to a different country for a new life, or siretirementmply spending time with your grandchildren, everybody’s dream is different. But did you know that gender also affects how you see retirement?

Women have different views and values in everyday life, so it stands to reason that what they value when they can finally put their feet up is also different. As natural nurturers, women are more prone to spend a lot of their retirement time not only with family, but looking after them. If they have been a mother for years, why would they stop now? They have more time to share their love with their kin, so it makes sense that women spend their retirement still looking after others.

Some studies show that women are also more socially active in retirement. Whereas men often join sports groups, women are more likely to join social groups with friends or new people. Women seem to be drawn particularly to creative pursuits, such as knitting, arts and crafts, and painting classes.

Due to this, they often have a wider circle of friends that they see regularly. They make time for others, but also make time for themselves. Spending time alone is something that retired women like to do more than men. Whether it’s reading, listening to music, or watching a movie, women seem to have a very balanced social life.

Overall, it seems that while men are looking forward to ‘putting their feet up’ and having a well-earned rest, women simply switch their focus from their career to their family and friends. Either way, it is definitely something that both sexes look forward to.