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Some Common Lifestyle Problems in Ireland

Health in Ireland is on the rise, along with a strong birth rate and high lifespan, yet a lot of the health issues of the nation are a product of its lifestyle. Many of the issues we see are worldwide problems that need to be acted upon on a global level, and many are simple choices and changes we urge people to make at home.

Ireland has long been synonymous with drinking; it is part of the culture, lifestyle, and heritage. However, this is fast becoming a problem with the nation’s health. As one of the highest-ranking alcohol consumption nations in the EU, there has been a major increase in alcohol-related injuries and deaths in Ireland, including liver cancer and colon cancer across the country.

HScottish government announces price crackdownand in hand with alcohol consumption, of course, comes smoking. One of the first countries in the EU to implement the smoking, Ireland has been smoke-free indoors since 2004. Despite imposing the smoking ban within enclosed spaces, the problem has not been curtailed. Smoking and drinking seem to be natural complements in Ireland, and is yet another major lifestyle problem that can lead to serious health conditions such as lung cancer, mouth cancer, and emphysema.

A huge lifestyle problem across the globe is obesity, and Ireland is no exception. With people becoming bigger and bigger with each generation, it seems that the issue needs to be nipped in the bud from childhood. Teaching basic nutritional education in schools, easy food swaps at home, and regular exercise, we believe that this lifestyle problem is one that needs to be confronted very quickly.

Ireland has a wealth of culture and heritage, and we believe that keeping its lifestyle choices under control is an easy way of guarding these issues. The more aware, educated, and pro-active people are, the more Ireland can progress as a healthy and strong nation.