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Female Health in Ireland Post Menopause

Female Health in Ireland Post Menopause

The menopause is talked about very little in Ireland, so when women do encounter it, some of its symptoms can come as a bit of a shock. What should you expect? How long will it last? What is the perimenopause? We like to provide advice and health tips for women post-menopause in Ireland. It is our aim to keep women - and men - aware and informed about the changes a woman will go through at a certain point in her life and how to cope with those changes.

The menopause often has ugly connotations: women in foul moods, getting older, having hot flushes, and generally being unpleasant. With little coverage of the menopause in Irish media and general conversation, there is little argument to counter this and support women who are experiencing this very natural process.

First of all, every body is different. Some women will experience extreme hot flushes, mood fluctuations and anxiety, some won’t. Some women will experience it for a decade, some women only for a few. Post menopause is a term used when a woman has been without her period for twelve months. Once a woman is postmenopausal, most of the symptoms experienced during the menopause will ease, although hot flushes can sometimes last for several years afterwards.

We always urge women to see their GP as soon as they are experiencing any of these symptoms, or finding it difficult to cope with any of them. In some cases, medication, therapy, and advice can be provided. Based on tests, medical history, and genetics, your GP may also be able to give you some idea about the length of your menopause.

Don’t let yourself become too anxious or upset about the menopause; it is a natural process for every woman and signifies the end of one part of your life and the beginning of another. Our aim is to open up the dialogue about Irish women and the menopause, to dispel some of the myths and provide a more open and comfortable attitude towards the menopause.