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Increasing Sexual Desire in Women

Increasing Sexual Desire in Women

Sexual desire is not a constant in anybody’s life. It wanes and grows through all stages of our lives. Sometimes having prolonged low sex drive can be off-putting in a relationship, but there are ways and means we can recommend to increase sexual desire in women.

The drop in a woman’s sexual desire can often be a symptom of the menopause; an extreme dip in estrogen can mean that sex is painful. Unsurprisingly, this can make it a lot less appealing for women to want to have sex. Using lubricant is an easy way of getting around this issue. You can have fun with it too - there are plenty of different types to choose from!

Sex for men and women is incredibly different. Women can’t always just dive straight in, and working on foreplay can play a big role in sexual desire. Engaging in more romantic and flirty behavior can help. Why not also try some massage and foreplay? Even if these doesn’t always lead to sex, it can help build up the desire overall; just the act of touching each other releases powerful hormones. These hormones create and maintain attraction and chemistry in women, so never skip on this.

Some factors to help sexual desire are completely reliant on women, however, such as taking care of your body. Stress, bad diet, and inactive lifestyle all have huge impacts on sexual habits. Make sure you always get plenty of sleep, and try to avoid stressful situations. Practicing some light meditation, yoga, or a simple relaxing bubble bath are great ways of keeping calm. A balanced diet and regular exercise should also be practiced. Keep lots of protein and fiber in your diet, and try walking to work (if you can) at least once a week instead of using transport. You will be surprised by how much better you feel in general, as well as in the bedroom.