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Irish Lifestyle Changes During Pregnancy

Irish Lifestyle Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a huge change for a woman and her body. Women may find that they need to make some adjustments to their lifestyle, or monitor certain parts of their routines. Of course, we always recommend talking through your pregnancy with your GP. Here are some ways in which you may find your life, body, and lifestyle changes.


Of course, you will find that during pregnancy your weight will fluctuate and increase. However, some people may think this is an excuse to gain an excessive amount of weight. You shouldn’t expect to gain more than 20-30 pounds if you began at or above a normal healthy weight.


Diabetes contracted during pregnancy, known as gestational diabetes, is on the rise in Ireland. A lack of exercise and including the right kinds of food in diet are major factors towards this recent trend. This normally occurs in the first three months of pregnancy and can be identified by feelings of excessive tiredness, as well as a stronger thirst and higher frequencies of going to the bathroom. As the latter two symptoms are typical in most pregnancies anyway, gestational diabetes can be hard to spot. Regular check-ups at your GP can keep your mind at ease, and if you think you may be at risk, mention it to your doctor straight away.

Aching and Nausea

As your belly grows, you will find that more pressure is put on your back. Everyday activities like working at a desk, washing up, or picking things up become more strenuous. Be realistic about what you can and can’t do, and modify your activities. There is no reason to be in pain unnecessarily. You may also suffer from morning sickness, which occurs in many women in the first few months of pregnancy. Be patient; your body is going through a lot of changes in growth and hormones, your nausea will stop eventually. Get plenty of fresh air and drink lots of water.