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Natural Fertility Tricks

Natural Fertility Tricks

Sometimes Mother Nature isn’t all that helpful and we have to learn to help ourselves. Fertility isn’t a gift that comes so easily to every couple, but there are some natural tips and tricks we have listed below to help set your body in tune with itself to achieve motherhood.

Weight and Health

Give yourself and your baby a fighting chance by keeping yourself healthy. Stay active, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and look after yourself. Like all areas of the body, your reproductive system works better the healthier the body is.

Pre-natal Vitamins

In conjunction with a healthy body, you may take pre-natal vitamins for any extra nutrients to boost your fertility. Check with your doctor before taking any extra medication. These won’t work for everybody, but they could for you.

Caffeine and Alcohol

More diet tips! Try to cut down on your caffeine and alcohol intake if you are trying to get pregnant. A cup or two of coffee is fine, but much more than that can significantly reduce the activity in the Fallopian tube. Your body really is the number one key to getting pregnant - after all, you will be growing a human in there!

Have Sex at the Right Time

Don’t miss this vital step! The more you have sex, the more likely your chances of falling pregnant, obviously. Any time or type of sex is good, but try to aim for the few days before you ovulate. This is when you are most fertile.


You don’t have to be as flexible as a rubber band to practice a little yoga when trying to conceive. One of the biggest obstacles in trying to get pregnant is worrying about it too much. Saying ‘relax’ doesn’t help much, so indulge yourself in some yoga a few times a week. Even short, 20-minute sessions can really make a difference to your mood and overall well being.