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Sex is Important for a Quality Lifestyle

Sex is Important for a Quality Lifestyle

As much as we advertise the importance of a good diet, plenty of exercise and sleep for a healthy lifestyle, sex is also up there. Sex is an undeniable part of life, especially if you are in a relationship. Here are some facts you may not have known about sex.

Burn Calories, Stay Fit

This one is pretty common knowledge; sex is a form of exercise. Regular sex does count as part of your weekly exercise and really can help you stay fit. Not only that, you can stave off serious conditions like heart diseases or attacks. Keep that blood flowing!

Look Younger, Live Longer

It’s true: sex can make you look younger! Functioning as an aerobic form of exercise, it helps skin regenerate at a healthy rate, giving you that healthy glow and youthful appearance. Studies have also shown that sex 1-2 times a week can significantly increase life expectancy.

Mood Lifter

Sex makes you feel happier. Exercise releases endorphins and that is why if makes you feel good. Sex not only works as a form of exercise, pumping out those lovely endorphins, but it is also the act of connecting with your loved one. The act of touching and being intimate with another person releases hormones, especially in women, that can make them more attracted and in love. How can you not feel good after that?

Get Sick Less

Regular sex can sometimes help to fight those nasty colds and flu. Studied have shown that sex 1-3 times a week produces an anti-body called Immunoglobulin which can help stave off those pesky illnesses.

Sex Makes You Feel Sexy

Getting that intimate with anothe
r person can really boost your self-confidence. Not only will you feel more energized and happier, but you will also lift your head a little higher all day long.