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Tips to Boost Female Libido

Tips to Boost Female Libido

Despite finding plenty of sex tips in magazines and on the internet, it is rare to find good advice about female libido. Female libido is something not often talked about, but is an issue that many women find themselves worried about. Sex drive is not something that is regularly asked about or discussed, even during a doctor’s visit. There are plenty of ways to naturally encourage and boost your libido, here are a few.

Treat Yourself

Stress and anxiety are your worst enemies when it comes to sex drive. De-stress by loving and treating yourself. Have a nice relaxing bubble bath while reading your favorite book, or go for a massage. Unwinding and appreciating time on your own are quick and very enjoyable ways to keep stress at bay.

Fruit and Fiber

Many types of fruit, such as strawberries, are said to be natural aphrodisiacs. Either way, a diet rich in fruit and fiber is a h
ealthy one and can boost libido. Keeping a diet low in cholesterol - cutting down on fatty food, dairy, and fatty meat - can significantly increase your health. Too much cholesterol blocks arteries and inhibits blood flow… especially to particular areas of the body.

Birth Control

Did you know that the contraceptive pill could be responsible for your dip in libido? The pill works by lowering the testosterone in a woman’s body, and testosterone is what drives women’s libidos. If you think this may be the culprit, talk to your GP about other birth control options.


Maybe you need to up the ante in your relationship! Women don’t work like men when it comes to sex, and need a little more attention and romance. Talk to your other half about ways to make each other feel special again, which could be little things like flowers and thoughtful gifts, to a regular date night. Make time for each other to reignite those flames.