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What Influences a Woman’s Body Image

What Influences a Woman’s Body Image

Body image is a huge part of a woman’s life; it can affect mental health, libido, diet, exercise, clothing, and overall bodily health. Body image is the way you see yourself, but not necessarily how you actually are or appear to others.

All too often, women compare their bodies to others’, which is not a stable guideline to use. Every body is different, and you are unique in your genetic make up. In the end, it may be purely confidence that makes one person look better than another.

Of course, the media has a huge role to play in women’s body image. Heralding model-thin bodies, tabloids pick apart even the most normal looking women. Seeing tiny size 6s, toned celebrities, and the now popular ‘big booties’ that are splashed over every magazine cover can have a serious impa
ct on a woman’s mental image of herself and others. Seeing these daily can of course impact the mind - ‘this is what is normal.’ But taking into consideration Photoshop, personal trainers, professional make-up, and personal stylists, these are unrealistic goals women aspire to.

Your circle of family and friends are also a huge factor. Are they unhealthy or obsessive? Do they comment too much on weight loss or do they all share an unhealthy lifestyle? Try to make sure you surround yourself with only positive people. People that you see daily will have an undeniable impact on the way you see yourself and others.

Any sudden change in hormones or health can result in a major blow to self-confidence and body image. Where before you may have been unaware or happy with your weight, now you may obsess daily. If you are feeling overly upset or fluctuating in mood due to this, we always recommend a visit to your GP to discuss how to deal with your changing hormones.